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Giada Armchair from Teleset


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Lezalt Bed

Product Features

Wooden and steel constructions are used in manufacturing of our products. Lower base frame is reinforced with steel profile. We prioritized safety by using damper system with stopper and automatic safety lock.


Recommendation for Use

  • Place your base on a plain surface
  • Do not place materials with excessive weight or bigger dimensions than your product
  • Do not tread on your base
  • Do not try to open the upper part of the base more than the damper and scissors mechanism allow
  • While opening the base, make sure there is nothing else on it except the mattress
  • Make sure you enable the safety lock after you open the base
  • Do not get in the base, do not allow your children get in the base
  • Close your base slowly in a controlled manner
  • Do not take delivery of the bases which close by itself with a mattress on

Important Note: Safety lock is used in our chest type bases for safety purposes. When using your base completely open the upper base and mount the safety lock in its place. Do not place, or take anything in or from the base before you mount the safety lock. When closing the base, take the safety locks out of its mount and close the upper base pushing it down. Do not try to close your base unless you take the safety lock out if its mount. Otherwise you may bend upper base profiles and cause damage on your base.



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