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Giada Armchair from Teleset


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Vision Living Room

Product Features

Wooden and metal frames are used in manufacturing of our products. Frames are reinforced with raw flake-boards. Elastic webbing/bonnell coils are used in proportion with designed comfort, and these materials support the foam that is used in the product. Fabric/faux leather is upholstered as the final stage of the end product.

Density (kg/m3) states the foam density. The foam becomes harder as the density increases. Soft and high resilient foams are preferred for seat and back areas of the armchairs and sofas.

Plain woven, chenille, velvet, flocked, nonwoven, and raised fabrics are used for upholstery of the armchairs and sofas.

Furniture Flammability Regulation

All our upholstered furnishing meets the 1988 fire retardant regulations.


Recommendations for Use

  • Make sure that you are using your product at least one and a half meters away from heat sources (solid-fuel heater, electric heater, etc.)
  • Do not place hot based household wares such as iron or teapot on the product.
  • Do not leave your product under direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave your product in places with excess moisture or dust.
  • Do not mount on the arm and back areas of your product. This may result in physical injuries and damage to product.
  • If your product is equipped with a scissors mechanism, make sure there is at least 15 cm distance between the wall and the product. This distance is strictly required for full functionality. Otherwise, the product may hit the wall or such surfaces while opening and closing, and this may result permanent damage to the product and the wall.
  • It is recommended to move the product with two people with the place. Lift the product holding from lower parts of each side and put down carefully in a level position. If the product is equipped with demountable parts, demount these parts will facilitate your movement. While carrying do not keep your body in an upright position and do not pull the product from its arms.
  • Enable damper mechanisms only during usage. Otherwise keep them disabled. If the damper is equipped with a locking mechanism, do not avoid from using it. Do not allow children use damper mechanism and keep the away from opened mechanism.
  • Many of our products are equipped with moving parts. Do not allow children use or play with moving parts.
  • If your product is equipped with a chest, make sure the stuff you place here does not exceed the height of the chest. Do not place overweight stuff that is likely to cause deformations in the product.
  • If you see any yarn end coming out of the structure or the fabric, avoid jerking and cutting it with a scissors without doing any harm to the fabric.
  • If you have any pets, do not allow them make harm to the fabric, wooden parts, etc.


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